In 1897 Rossland was incorporated following the start of the gold rush to Red Mountain.  It became one of the richest gold areas on the continent.  There were many mines and fortunes were made, the most enduring being TECK Metals in Trail.


Photo Credit: 1899 Rossland & Deer Park Mining Co

During the late 1800’s and early 1900’s Rossland was a boom town with more than 7000 residents.

In 1898 the FIRST high voltage electricity was transported by wire over the 32 miles from Bonnington Falls Hydro Electric Station and fed power to the mines, smelter and town.  Consolidated Mining and Smelting Co in Trail, now TECK, was then able to become Canada’s largest diversified mining company and is situated approx 10km down the hill from Rossland.

Red Mountain became renowned for the birth of skiing from 1896 due mostly to Olas Jeldness, a mining engineer.  The town has produced both national and Olympic medal skiers ever since and is now the home of Red Mountain Resort.  Red Resort is now 4200 acres of amazing ski-able terrain, a winter wonderland. 5mins drive from the Rossland Inn.


Photo Credit: Rossland Museum Rossland Miners Hall circa 1910

The FIRST Western Miners Union began in Rossland in 1896 and through them the Miner’s Union Hall on Columbia Ave was built. It is here the local member to Parliament created the 40 hour working week in Canada.

Last night July 5th, 2017 actually was the grand re-opening of the Rossland Miners Hall after a huge renovation.  The Rossland Miners Hall is a beautiful building and a must see whilst you are in Rossland.  Right now you can see a fabulous live show called The Red Mountain.  Show time for The Red Mountain featuring the Gold Fever Follies is 3:00 & 7:30 pm Tuesday through Saturday. Summer 2017.


Photo Credit:  The cast of The Red Mountain featuring the Gold Fever Follies

Today, Rossland is a thriving community of people who love the incredible lifestyle the area has to offer.  Rossland is one of 14 designated Tourist Towns in BC and known for very active and happy people (and dogs).

For much more information, a few hours spent at the Rossland Historical Museum (HWY 3B at the west end of Columbia Ave) is recommended and of course have a chat to the locals.

Pick up a Rossland Historical Heritage Walking Tour brochure (by Tourism Rossland) from your apartment at the Rossland Inn and take a stroll past buildings dating back to the gold rush era.  Admire the architecture and learn about the history and purpose of the thirty remaining heritage buildings in town that were constructed before 1929. This substantial number of maintained or renovated buildings indicates just how formidable a hub Rossland was at the time. In fact, by 1897, the boomtown boasted four banks, 17 law firms, seven newspapers, 42 saloons, a stock exchange and a population of 7,000 people.

Enjoy your stay in beautiful Rossland.