About the Rossland Inn

c1900 Agnew & Co – 2017 Rossland Inn

Have a look at this black and white photo, this is the original building with a similar façade today.  Back in 1900 it was call Agnew & Co. building, a combined grocery and dry goods store that began conducting business.  At the front of the building was a rail station which was used to cart the gold from Red Mountain to Spokanne and Vancouver.  Today, a plaque is placed on the front of the building and the building is listed as a historic building in Rossland.  (The Rossland Museum is a must see when you come to Rossland)

Back in the 1900, as business grew, the Agnew & Co building also expanded. Oswald Bisson married the Agnew’s daughter and took over the business in the 1920’s. As was common in that period groceries were delivered by horse drawn sleigh in the winter and by wagon in the summer.

After WW2 the building was occupied by a building supply store before being converted into apartments.  The building has gone through 2 major fires and survived.  

Please contact Peter Stuart for further information on the building and accommodation:   1 250 231 4468

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