What’s your flavour Mountain or Road Biking?

“Rossland is the Mountain Bike Capital of Canada! Our mountain biking mecca is nestled in the beautiful Rossland Range, with around 200km of maintained trails you can get wild on gnarly descents, cruise on flowing single track, or challenge the famous IMBA Seven Summits trail. We are a paradise for bikers and you will have to experience it to truly know, but don’t just believe the hype (even though it is true). We have something to challenge everyone.

Rossland has a long history of mountain biking and is acclaimed as one of North America’s top mountain biking destinations. In fact, it has acquired the reputation as ‘The mountain biking capital of Canada’, with its enormous variety of specialty built trails, from swooping, buffed singletrack to rock-armored, free-ride lines, to the 36 km, Seven Summits epic, there is the perfect ride for all types and abilities. Some of our favorite rides involve combining multiple shorter trails into a blissful circuit, while others, such as the historic Dewdney, or Whiskey trails take a single classic line. Whatever your style, ability, or time available, these are the rides we recommend to try.

And on Road Biking, escape the traffic of the big city and find out what those big gears are really for. Whether you prefer our quad-burning, lung-busting climbs or passing sports-cars on technical, switchback-laden downhills, Kootenay climbs always come with a payoff. Our stomping ground is like a more user-friendly Tour de France: Satisfying climbs on winding roads. Tight corners that open up to storybook views. No altitude issues. (No attitude issues, either.) Pure, delicious tap water. And the real “yellow jersey”: A steady supply of organic bananas courtesy of the gourmet grocery store in town” reports Tourism Rossland.

At the Rossland Inn we have Trail Maps and local knowledge of the best trails to hit on mountain or road.

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