Create a business and a life, in Rossland

We had a lovely family from Vancouver Island come and stay with us at the Rossland Inn just prior to this Christmas 2016.

They had spent a year in the south of France and loved the lifestyle of a small and vibrant community, their 2 young boys enjoyed the experience.  When they came back to Vancouver Island from France they realized they needed to find an area and a community like their special time they had in France.  So they looked in the interior of BC and decided to take time-out on their Christmas trip to Williams Lake to explore the Kootenays.

On arrival we had a chat about their adventure to France and how they were exploring the Kootenays to move their family.  With the French School 2 blocks away and the Seven Summits Learning Centre their eyes lit up!  Immediately they went for a walk to the French School and a came back to ask who they can talk to in town about business, real estate and that they loved the vibe of Rossland.  They have been back again to Rossland to enquire about business, schooling and real estate.  I hope they decide to move here – what a great place to bring up kids and the parents have a great life too!

This is how it all starts, I say for some reason we are drawn to Rossland, I know the reason – just have a look outside and the people are friendly and polite!  Rossland and district have some great resources for businesses and start-ups.  Just ask me!




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