Are you Hiking  or Trail Running in the magnificent Rossland area?

Trail maps are available here at the Rossland Inn.

Tourism Rossland explains:  “Families with young children can pick from a number of leisurely trails with no big climbs and lots of places to stop, every hundred feet or so, for a snack or to dump out an entire day pack’s contents for no apparent reason. And then maybe cry for a bit… More adventurous groups can tackle a hike like Red Top before lunch or spend all day gaining altitude on Old Glory. Nothing brings a family closer than leaving the rest of the world way down there.

Rossland’s hardcore trail runners live here because they are like ascetic mountain bikers using their feet for tires and their knees as suspension. Pounding the pavement is great and all but nothing beats scrambling over knotty 500 year-old tree roots through a switchback forest that opens up on a vista that is as wild now as it was when that tree was still a pine cone. Knock out a quick 5km loop before breakfast or fill that CamelBak right to the top and tackle the legendary Seven Summits trail, home of the Broken Goat 50km Ultra Race.

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