The latest garden sculpture installations at the Rossland Inn are called Air Dancers.  Created by Beth Penny from, they swivel and swirl performing rhythmical motions all day, reminding you to stay flexible and fluid in your life.  These beautiful flowing ribbons are designed to withstand strong winds and need an open area around your property to flow without restriction.

Rossland is a very arty, crafty place and we are fortunate to have many great artists live here and get inspired by the Kootenays and the lifestyle.  At the Rossland Inn we like to showcase local artists.  We have many paintings and photos from Canada and Australia adorning the walls of the short-term apartments.

jenny_baillie_the_bearHere is one of my favourite pieces by Jenny Baillie.  Jenny painted this bear back in 2009-2010.  I call him The Bear because his was the first bear that Jenny painted like this, she has since painted quite a few bears however, this one is still my favourite.  I can remember seeing him in the local cafe and had been blown away by his presence and also not in the position to buy him.  6 months later I was over in Ontario and this painting kept coming into my mind’s eye, I rang Jenny and asked if she still had him and she said yes!  So I bought him.  Today he still gives me “that feeling” every time i walk past him.

Jenny lives in Rossland and began painting 20 or so years ago.  Mountains and flowers were her initial subject of choice; presently she include portraits of wild animals especially BEARS & BUFFALOs – and historic women mostly mountaineering related…occasionally she paint sa Super Hero. Jenny is essentially ‘self-taught’. She has exhibited in many shows within the West Kootenay and many of my paintings are found homes throughout Canada and the United States – also in Australia and New Zealand.

Beth Penny

Jenny Baillie

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