It is 8am midweek and the amazing smell of coffee leads me straight to the Alpine Grind, on the main street, Columbia – just near the Rossland post office.  John and his team work hard to bring us an amazing consistent tasting coffee.  Coffee beans are selected by John and all baristas are trained to a very high standard.  The muffins are yummy too, all handmade on site and some speciality cakes are made by Sweet Dreams Bakery a well loved local business.  Lots of room to sit and chat, kid friendly, wifi – I forgot to tell you about the cinnamon buns (if you are anything me – everywhere i go I hunt out the best cinnamon buns), they are made daily and are scrumptious.  Sitting in amongst the talented local artist paintings which are hung up on the walls, it is a great way to start the day.  The Rossland folk are always friendly and up for a chat.

OK, so it is the middle of the day and you a looking for something tasty, first stop Clancy’s Cafe and Bar on Columbia, across from Ferraros.  Freshly chopped salads, home-made soups, best Vegetarian poutune this side of Montreal and a cleansing ale to boot.  What i love about Clancy’s is the cosmopolitan atmosphere, family friendly and yet intermit enough for that special date night.   Thursday night is music night.  The bar is very unique; the stools are saddles, you may have seen similar at Jackson Hole’s Million Dollar Bar, well this is Rossland and Clancy’s welcome a chit-chat at the bar.  Order your favourite cocktail, wine or beer and relax in this great cafe and bar, puts you in the mood for a delicious oven baked pizza or ……… OOOPS, i forgot to mention Clancy’s coffee is outstanding too – being a coffee freak – i am very pleased to say Rossland has fabulous coffee.

And there is another place that makes extremely good coffee and the most amazing handmade Chocolates.  We are so lucky in Rossland to have our own Chocolate Shop.  Mountain Nugget is on Columbia right across from the Prestige.  On certain days they also make croissants and pastries (just like the one’s in Paris).  Besides a great coffee they do excellent hot chocolates – the kids love them.

So this is why we do lots of exercise in Rossland because we have great coffee, food and chocolates!