I decide to ask around.  Why did you come to Rossland?  We are quite remote, we have an abundance of fresh air and lots of outdoor activities, we are not on a main highway or near a big shopping centre, we have great amenities, schools and an awesome community.  Even when you arrive here as a tourist it doesn’t take long to feel the warmth of the local people.

I was on a ski trip to USA and CA from Australia. I had never heard of Rossland back in 2001 but the roads were closed and this was the only road open.  My partner and I were on a ski trip from Calgary to Vancouver, so we decided to drop in and spend a couple of days at Red.  We stayed at Red Mountain Village, back then there were a few Aframes at the the foot of the hill, it was fantastic, everything we needed.  The skiing was great, back them I was a groomer skier – we had just come from Colorado with lots of people skiing and found ourselves at Red Resort with amazing groomed runs.  We came back the following year for a week and loved it so much we bought a house in town which we live in today.

Only yesterday I was talking to a couple who now live here, they came from Toronto and it was when they were being showed around Redstone Golf Course standing on the 18 hole looking up to the Kootenay Mountains at Red Resort, Steve said this is it – we are moving here!  Their friends in Toronto took bets to see how long it would take them to move back to Toronto – looks like they will not win their bets!

And there are the people who come in for the ski season, lots of people, they come for 3-4months, they love it.  They come from Ontario, USA, Sweden, Australia and a lot of people have been coming for years.

There are lots of stories, I will continue to add to this blog.